Counter Strike 1.6 Dedicated Server

SteamCMD Download First of all you need the SteamCMD. You can download it here: SteamCMD Login Now you need to execute this file.
After a few seconds you can login:
login anonymous By now you should be logged in. Server Files Download Now you need to enter the following in the console:
force_install_dir ./cs/ This will create a folder with the name „cs“ and it will put in the files in this folder.

Now you can start the download with:
app_update 90 validate
If the download was sucessful, you have to type
exit in the console close the SteamCMD. Run the Server To run the Server, you need to start the „hlds.exe“ in your „cs“ folder.

Now choose the game „Counter-Strike.“
By now you should be able, to choose the map you want, also you can change what you want!

You just need to setup an RCON Password to start the Server!

You can also run the Server through a BAT file with the following codes.
start hlds -game cstrike -console +maxplayers 12 +map de_dust
start hlds -game cstrike -console -insecure -nomaster +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 12 +map de_dust
Have fun to play!

IF you want to add some more stuff to your server, like plugins, this is a good way to start: Configurate the server To change the settings of the server, we will need the „server.cfg“
This file can be found in the „cstrike“ folder.

Here we can change settings like the servername, map, password etc. Frequently Asked Questions I can not see my server / No one can connect to my server
Please make sure, that you have opened all the required ports in your router. If the everything is set correctly, but the problem still occurs, please contact your internet provider.

Is there another way instead of opening the ports?
Yes, you can also host your server through a VPN network like „Hamachi“. Of course only the people in the VPN network will be able to join the server then. Server Creation Tool To automatic these steps to setup/upgrade a server, i created a tool, the group can be founde here:

The tool itself is hosted on Github, which can be found here:

I hope, that will help you in the future!