Call of Duty 5 Dedicated Server

Here is a small practical example of how to create and start a (home) server with mod and custom maps.

I copy the content of my game into a new folder: C: \ CoD5
(I use very short paths and names so that the start parameter still fits into the shortcut afterwards.)
I create (if not already there) a folder “ mods “ in the CoD5 folder .
In the „mods“ folder, I create a folder with the desired name of my mod, here as an example I use the “ acemod “ folder .

I will use the ACE Mod as an example .

The mod files ( mod.ff, z_ace5.0.iwd, z_mf.iwd ) and the fix file for German players (z_ger_patch.iwd) come in the “ acemod “ that has just been createdFolder,
as well as the codserver.cfg and the folder “ configs „, with the remaining modconfigs .
The folder optional (contains another mod.ff for C Map Problems) and Docs (contains the ReadMe and changes) are not needed.
I adjust the codserver.cfg now, the other cfg’s if necessary.

So now the server is ready to start.
I create a shortcut for CoDWaWmp.exe , preferably on the desktop.

Right mouse button on the link and properties open a new window, the line „Target“ is highlighted in blue.
I click once in the window so that the marker disappears and move to the end of the line.
After the last character at target I start with the start parameter:

„C: \ CoD5 \ CoDWaWmp.exe“ + set dedicated 2 + set fs_localAppData C: \ CoD5 + set fs_game mods / acemod + set sv_punkbuster 1 + exec codserver.cfg + map_rotate

It is important that the parameter + set fs_localAppData C: \ CoD5, also has its position directly at the beginning or after the call + set dedicated 2!
With this parameter you assign the path to the custom content (maps / mods) to the server!

HTTP redirect:

I create a new folder on my web space, for example cod5.
The URL that I specify in the config now also refers to this folder:

// Client Download Settings, 0 = off, 1 = on. Used for MODs and custom maps.
set sv_allowdownload “ 1 „
seta sv_wwwDownload “ 1 „
seta sv_wwwBaseURL „ cod5 /“
seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected “ 0 „

In this new folder the folder “ mods “ comes ,
in the folder „mods“ I create my mod folder “ acemod „.
The mod files ( mod.ff, z_ace5.0.iwd, z_mf.iwd ),
as well as the fix file for German players (z_ger_patch.iwd) come in the same folder!
Now I set the download rights ( CHMOD 755 ).

Custom Maps:

I create (if not already there) a folder „usermaps“ in the CoD5 folder.
In the folder „usermaps“ I create a folder with the name of the map (mp_boneville & mp_stalemate):

CoD5 <—- my installation
| – mods
| | – acemod
| – usermaps
| | – mp_boneville
| | – mp_stalemate

As an example map I take the map Boneville (mp_boneville) & Stalemate (mp_stalemate) .

I unzip the files in the archive into a temporary folder.

Now I move the files of the maps into the respective map folder (in the folder „usermaps“).
A map usually has 3 * .ff files and one * .iwd file:

  • localized_mp_beispielmap.ff
  • mp_beispielmap.ff
  • mp_beispielmap_load.ff
  • mp_beispielmap.iwd

Clean up IWD file:

I open the IWD file with WinRAR (set the compression level to „normal“ beforehand in the settings!)
And see whether there are any other files in the IWD besides the “ images “ and “ sounds “ folders .
Any additional file / folder can be deleted without hesitation.
Now I close WinRAR again, the archive is updated.

Here are a few instructions . This is from CoD 4, but it does not change the topicality.

Enter map (s) in rotation:

I open my codserver.cfg and look at the bottom for the following entry: set sv_mapRotation „“

I now write the console
names of the maps between the quotation marks: set sv_mapRotation „gametype dm map mp_boneville gametype tdm map mp_stalemate“

If I only want to have one game mode, I have to I only specify the gametype at the beginning:
set sv_mapRotation „gametype dm map mp_boneville map mp_stalemate“